Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Diaper Bag.

Fortunately, Stephanie did not make me bargain away any holidays to get a new sewing machine. I acutally earned the money for the "Bernina 930" by selling a design and prototype of a product of which I am held under a confidentiality contract from discussing (for once that is true, I'm not just saying it to get out of having to talk about what I do, again...)

Anyway, this is the Diaper Bag that I made for Stephanie for Christmas. It is a two part bag (the inside is essentially separate from the outer shell. The bag is completely waterproof, inside and out (perfect for throw-up, etc.) I patterned the entire bag (which has seldomed happened, I usually just draw the design on the fabric, cut and sew) and then put it together.

It came together just in the nick of time. The outer shell is a gore-tex like material that you see on a lot of high end purses (Kate Spade/ Kenneth Cole) and the inside is made of 430 Denier Ripstorm Nylon that is found on high end expedition backpacks (Arc'teryx).

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Don't be a Fool... Stay in School.

Here's the low-down. I forgot to mention my hommies last night, but it wasn't my fault, I was downloading some of my favorite "The Big Red Dog" episodes. I heard the car coming into the driveway and had to shut the computer down, and fast. Like I said, Her Majesty Queen Stephanie does not like to find paw prints on her computer monitor.

So Garrett, Corbin, Evan, Ethan, and Justin... I am going to raise a bowl of the finest vintage dog food in your honor.

Hey... I Gotta run, I just heard the car again, I have to wake up riley so that we can go bark at the window.

Ruff... Ruff...

Friday, December 16, 2005

My Name is KOA

I am being held captive by these two human looking animals. They keep me hostage and have me guarded around the clock by this little poodle looking dog, he is a nag, they call him Riley, but I think that is a code name.

I don't want to complain, but I get treated like a dog. At least Riley gets to sleep on the bed. That picture down below is a fake. Stephanie used photoshop to put me on that bed, she freaks whenever I get up there. She's always yelling 'Be a good boy this, and don't eat people that." I don't get it. I could keep her way warmer in bed at nap time than that little skinny dog.

If that Stephanie lady catches me using her computer she is going to flip.

I wanted to send a shout out to my "Fly Girls" McKinstry, Brenae and Celeste. If any of you can read this, I need a treat... And fast...!

Spencer, how come you haven't come here to pull my ears lately? Look at them, they need to be pulled. how is baby Aubrey, do you pull her ears too?

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Koa decided that he gets to take naps on our bed. This was before we put him on a new training program though, he no longer gets to be the Aplha Dog, that is now Stephanie's job...

That last part may have come out wrong.


So Riley and I were playing this really neat game where he runs around the yard and I throw snowballs at him.

Well, not at him, but near him, he chases everything. I threw a snowball about 10' from him, and he chased it, he dove into the snow and when he came up this is what he looked like.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Stephanie has been having a hard time pronouncing these two words together. She has also had a hard time figuring out how to go outside to snovel the show. here I am suited up to "do my duty to Steph and her doggy" by snoveling show.

This is the new snowboarding jacket that Steph got me last year, by Liquid. Justin and Randi supplied the hat. I supplied the muscles (and the 3 layers of fat on top of the muscles).

As you can see, Steph also made me help decorate for Christmas.


April 05 - So MBA does look good on me. Stephanie finally finished her MBA. Now I have to live with the over-educated broad. "Quantitative this and Analysis that..." ..."If you pick up your socks off the floor at an increased pace of 3 socks per minute, the productivity of the room cleaning will improve by 43%."

Hmm...I wonder if she can use all of that MBA mumbo-jumbo to calculate the odds of me sending her to China for 6 years to work on a PhD?

I wonder if the demand for a new Coach purse is elastic or inelastic?


As you can see, Stephanie and I are starving, but custom dictates that we must wait for the bride and groom to arrive at the luncheon before we can eat.

She is hiding it well, but Stephanie is actually gnawing on her left thumb in this photo.

All I am thinking is, "can I get to that cheesecake without getting caught...?"