Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I wanted to send a message out to all of my friends... Mckinstry, Brenae, Celeste, Evan, Garrett, Corbin, Spencer, Ethen, Justin (not Uncle Justin, cousin Justin)... and Aubrey.

I miss having all of you pull my ears. Her Highness Aunt Stephanie doesn't let me sleep on the bed anymore, even at naptime on Sunday (Uncle Brigham lets me get up there sometimes though if Her Highness isn't home...!)

I also got a burrito this week, that was awesome. Oh, and Her Highness left the pantry door open when Aunt Michelle was here, and I tricked Riley into eating a potato, that was funny, mostly because the potato was bigger than him. I just scattered them all over the dining room floor, but I didn't eat any, that is for French Dogs ( who think that raw potatos are the same as French Fries.)

Anyway, I hope that Corbin is ok after he got to play crash-um derby with a tree a couple of weeks ago. I hope that everyone is doing really well in school. If you get all A's I will let you pull my ears... Ok, I'd let you do that with a B too.

Ruff Ruff... !

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Koa and I decided to say goodbye to the Pathfinder.
We sold it on Ebay just before Christmas, and we were getting ready to go drop it off. "The Beast" gave us many good times. It has taken many a friend and I on countless adventures. From Enchanted Rock in Texas to Potrero Chico in Mexico.
And quite the beast it was. So long good friend.

Friday, January 13, 2006


This is the side view of the outher shell of the diaper bag I am finishing. The straps on the left side are to secure a skateboard, or blanket or other stuff.

The inner shell is going to be black, so there will be no visible seams.

This bag is made of a rubberized military material, webbing and #69 Bonded Nylon thread.

Don't be a hater. You to can have one of these... While supplies last.


This is quite possibly the hottest diaper bag for guys never to be on the market.

I made the diaper bag (shown below) for Stephanie, but I wouldn't be caught dead carrying it, so I figured that I needed to develop the perfect bag.

This is it. It is both carabiner and skatebaord compatible.