Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Quick...Hide the Evidence!

Day 3 - Let's Go Shopping

Day 2 - Basement Building Diet

I went on the Fence Building Diet 2 years ago and lost a ton of weight. Right now I am at a not so slim 226lbs, as you can tell.

I figure that this basement is going to take a few weeks, so we will see if I can get down to 210lbs.

Only problem, Mary isn't cooking me tofu and veggie burgers this time... We'll see what kind of stuff Stephanie can come up with.

Day 2 - Frontwall Right

This was pretty simple, no tricky stuff here.

Day 2 - Longwall Right and Frontwall.

This was tricky, all of the rough-in plumbing is in this corner, so I had to get these wall in around it.

Day 1 -Beam Workaround

This goofy beam got in my way, so I had to work around it.

The Basement Adventures - Day 1

Ok, it finally happened, I got my materials to finish the basement.

This is the left side of the long wall in the basement.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Here is a picture of the unyet born baby's room. It comes complete with a train set (that appears to be covered in dirt deposited sometime in the mid seventies), a goof-ball off center mobile with hanging horses or something, and even a window valence.

Now, you are all asking yourselves... "What is missing from this picture, it doesn't seem like the baby room that we expected to see in Brig's house?" Well, that is because this isn't "My" house, it is ... what is Koa's expression... Oh, it is "Her Highness Queen Stephanie's" house. Her Highness just lets me sleep at the castle every once in a while, and she lets me pay for it.

TRUTH... Truth be told, if this was my house, you would see a much different picture...

MOBILE... A mobile made of Cams and pitons.

CRIB... The kid would sleep on his very own, specially modified and safety rated Portaledge, complete with a 4 ft long 6" diameter PVC pipe filled with diapers (commonly known among big wall climbers as a "Poop Tube") hanging from the side.

CHANGING TABLE... The Changing Table would be my 10' Surfboard, complete with ankle leash so the kid couldn't squirm around too much while being changed.

DRESSER... His dresser would be a Haul bag, which makes putting clothes away much easier, as you just toss them in.

EMERGENCY... And last but not least there would be an emergency can of Tuna and an emergency Diet Mountain Dew somewhere in the room... Just in Case...!