Monday, June 25, 2007

yummy...corn on the cob...
This picture was just too cute not to share.

Check out all the sun on his cheeks...would you guess that he wears a hat and 55 spf sunscreen when we go out? He has sunglasses, but he thinks it is cooler to hold them as a fashion accessory, rather than wear them as protective eyewear.

He is doing really well at the table and also insists on using a fork and spoon. I guess he just wants to be like everyone else at the table.
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Boys and their toys...
Mason loves cars, and the remote controlled cars are even more fun...a remote and a must have been a dream come true for him. Here he learns how to drive.

Funnily enough, the dogs don't know what to make of the car. Koa definitely doesn't think it is a dream come true. We usually have to put Koa outside to prevent him from having a nervous breakdown from the stress.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Ride 'em

Mason and Riley are beginning their love / hate relationship. Riley can always be found near Mason, especially during meal time. He knows that Mason is always good for some snacks. But lately, this means that Riley can become an unwitting playmate. Like here where Mason decides to go for a ride. Riley's a good sport...I think it's because he thinks that there are more snacks in it for him.

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No more highchair...
Mason has decided that he does not need to use his booster chair anymore. He gets very insistent too, especially when you try to put him in his chair. He thinks that sitting at the table is great! He even walks up to the chair he wants to sit in and points to it.

I went out and got him some plastic plates (so he didn't have to eat off the table), and he doesn't even throw them to the ground. A big day indeed.

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Climbing time...
Mason is now climbing on everything, even my leg, to get to places that he can't reach on his our bed, the table, the desk, etc.

He even sneaks over to our neighbor's back yard to climb up their slide, although he can't make it to the top. But he has a great time trying.

Brig uses all these terms to describe his form and method. Maybe he should comment on this post to help all his fellow climbers on Mason's skills.

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Koa and Riley love to chase bubbles...

I recently discovered that our dogs love to chase bubbles. (Really it is because this is the first summer that I have even done it with Mason.)

Koa jumps up to catch/pop the bubbles. We tried to capture an action shot so you can see how high he can go. He is definitely a foot or more off the ground in the last picture.

Mason thinks this is the funniest thing and he just laughs the whole time. Maybe soon he'll get in on the bubble action too.

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