Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Crib Climbing...

Mason has figured out how to climb out of his crib. Brig took video (he was so proud and kept encouraging Mason to keep climbing out of the crib), but I couldn't upload the video...I think the file is too big.

So this picture is a before the climb out of the crib.

I was worried that he might climb out whenever he wanted, but so far he listens when I tell him not to.

Also, Brig is fond of Mason's new haircut. This Sunday he used lots of hair products to make a faux-hawk.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hats and Haircuts...

This week we went on a tour at our local Krispy Kreme. Mason enjoyed eating his hot donut and brought this hat home as a souvenir. He didn't want to wear the hat while he was at the store, but he didn't want to let it out of his sight either.

Mason also got his haircut on Friday. He's improving on how much he will put up with at in the stylist's chair. He's better...not good, but better.

I also decided that now he's almost two he could have more of a little boy haircut. Brig decided that it would look good spikey. So after Mason's nap this afternoon, Brig spiked his and Mason's hair. They looked good.

Although, I think he now looks older than his 22 months.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Road Trip!

After Christmas, we piled into the car to take a road trip to California. Here you can see Mason snuggled in for a nap. What you don't see are the 2 dogs in the car. They really weren't that bad in the car. They mostly slept the whole way there (and back too).

He looks pretty comfy doesn't he?
Unfortunately, Mason didn't get too many naps on our trip. I guess we had too much fun.

After we got to California and got settled into my sister's place, we had lots of fun times. While we were there we went to Monterey Bay to see the aquarium--which Mason loved because it was full of fish.
Here Brig and Mason check out a wave that crashed over head. He was a little afraid of it at first, but then when he figured out what was happening he really enjoyed it. This was Mason's first experience with a large body of water, outside of a pool.

Mason loved to stare into the huge tanks full of fish. He especially loved the sharks.

The aquarium was a converted sardine factory near Cannery Row in Monterey. When they converted it they kept parts of the old factory, like this bell to call the workers to the factory. Mason loved to pull on the bell--what a taskmaster.

Our next fun outing was to Happy Hallow--a zoo / ride playground.
Mason ran through the zoo (he's recently refused to ride in his stroller). And so I only have pictures of the ride part.
This was Mason's favorite ride. He rode in a firetruck 3 times.
And in a police car once. He cried every time we had to get off the ride. Luckily the line was short, and so we rarely had to wait for our next turn.

I finally lured Mason away from the cars with the promise of riding on a fish. This was one of two carousels that we rode at Happy Hollow.
Mason also got to take a turn in a spinning saucer with his cousins.
And then finally it was time for our trip back home. Recently we discovered that Mason loves cheeseburgers (he is not a fan of chicken nuggets) and french fries. He can even say french fry. On our way there he was asleep during our lunch run and he missed the french fries. So after he woke up we gave him his cheeseburger, which he ate most of it. But then he kept looking for his french fries. He's say french fry repeatedly. So when we stopped for gas we were close to a McDonalds and got him his french fries.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Santa was here!!!

I don't know if Mason believed us when we told him that Santa (who he knows says, "Ho, ho, ho") came and left him presents. He looks a little skeptical in this picture.

I guess if I was a little kid and I heard that this guy says, "Ho, ho, ho" I might not believe it either.

This is the big winner from his christmas haul. Mason loves to play the piano and is so excited to have one his size. Most of our pictures from Christmas have him on the piano or trying to put his toys on the piano.

This piano had some problems so I had to exchange it for a new one. I didn't even think to wait until after he had gone to sleep....but believe me it was tough trying to explain I was taking that one to get a new, better one. He kept taking it out of the box.

Mason would make sure that he played with every new toy before he would open another one. At least Santa should know that all his presents were appreciated. This also made for a long, fun morning.

After a tough morning of new toys, books and candy, Mason lounged out on the floor to watch a Christmas movie with us.

Mason taking a spin on his new tricycle. He loves the basket. Even before he climbed aboard, he loaded the basket up with his new Matchbook cars.

Taking Teddy for a Ride.
Mason has found that his new dump truck is very convenient to push his toys around the house too.

Our only problem now is we've got to find room for all his fun, new toys.