Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mason's 2nd Birthday

Wahoo! We made it another year. Mason turned 2 years old today. We had a Cars party (of course).

We think he caught on that it was his party. He also knows how to open his presents this year (he figured it out at Christmas). Now we need to teach him how to blow out his candles. When he tried to blow out the candles he only succeeded in blowing up and not out. So Brig helped him out.

He is really getting much more verbal and still loves music. I know he's related to me because he makes up lyrics to his favorite songs (or at least they sound made up to me). He is just so darn cute!

Check out our birthday festivities at:

Sneak Peak...

It's finished. Mason's big boy bed duvet cover is finished.

I hope you're not confused by the picture of me next to a sewing machine, but I did actually sew lots--lots of straight lines, that is (and I hand sewed the buttons on the cover too).

So simple, someone with no sewing experience could do it.

And I did. I even made some throw pillows for his bed too.

Brig did the hard work on this project. He cut out the fabric. He attached a sheet to it for the back side. He showed me how to sew a straight line.

We're pretty pleased by the result and we think Mason is too.

Here Brig models the he's some kind of Indian Chief.

Monday, February 18, 2008

An Almost Big Boy Bed...

News Flash...Mason sleeps in a toddler bed!!!

Yesterday we removed the front of his crib to convert it into a toddler bed. He was very worried about why we were working on his crib. But I think he was ok with the final product. He still tries to climb into it from the side, but we are working on getting into it the right way.

And he didn't even get out of bed this morning until I came into his room. When I came in this morning, he jumped up and said, "Hi!" and then got out of bed.

Naptime today was also very successful. We are thankful that this was an easy change for him. We are working on his new bedroom (with a Cars theme) and hope to get him into a twin bed before the end of the month. Hopefully, this will go just as smoothly. (I'm keeping my fingers crossed!)

We've already set up the bed and are working on getting him excited about the change. He isn't so sure about the blanket that is on the bed, so we are making him a Cars duvet cover (can you believe that no one sells kids sheets that are 100 % cotton?). We think that he will definitely approve of this change.

Here Brig and Mason are getting ready for the second night in his newly transformed bed. They love to read and sing before going down for the night.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

More Mason Favorites / Obsessions...

Just so you know that (luckily) there is more to our day than having to hear about vroom vroom.

There is also time for "choo choo."

Anytime I am at my computer Mason runs up and tries to climb into my lap while chanting "choo choo." He will even do this during Cars. This means that I have to go to the Thomas website where we watch/dance/sing to train videos. (See

My only complaint is that the next video doesn't load automatically after one has ended.

Mason loves his toy cars and trains. He loves to race his cars down ramps. Here he is getting ready to take Cruising McQueen and Thomas to bed for his nap. Before he took cars to bed it was books. He loves books. His current favorite is My First Truck Book (a gift from his Papa).

Mason is also a big fan of running away from me. I think the only time he doesn't run away from me is when I am offering chocolate (another Mason favorite). Another "C" favorite is coloring. Mason likes to color with his crayons--it even helps him to stay quiet in Church, that is until he tries add pictures to the hymnbooks.

Another favorite are animal sounds. We play a game where you make animal sounds to guess the animal. Even Mason makes animal sounds so we can guess. Mason loves to make a shark sound, which according to Mason is "Shark Shark," rather than "Chomp Chomp."

Mason also loves music. Before bed at night we sing lots of songs. Brig and Mason even have made hand signs for the children's lullaby "Punk Rock Girl" (ok so children's lullaby part is pushing it). He even sings along to most of the songs.

He also insists on washing his hands (with soap) frequently and must have toothpaste when he brushes his teeth (he's got to be like Mom and Dad). Luckily, he hasn't caught on that we don't actually put toothpaste on his toothbrush.

Lastly, Mason hates riding in his car seat. The only thing that makes it okay is when he has a backseat buddy. It's so easy to get him in his car seat when he has a buddy.

Vroom Vroom....

Mason has a new obsession. Or maybe I should say his first obsession. He is in love with the Cars movie. Here he is totally sucked in by the movie.

A few weeks ago Mason had a double ear infection (his first) and during that time he watched a few movies, one of which was Cars.

Ever since then he has been obsessed. He doesn't ask for Cars, he asks for "vroom vroom."

I caught this shot just by chance while Mason was watching vroom vroom. This is the famous tongue shot--made famous by Lightning McQueen (from the first race as he makes it through the big crash).

Every day it gets worse. It's the first thing he says when he wakes up--vroom vrooom. He has to sleep in a Cars shirt (which we have to wear over his footed pajamas because it is still wicked cold here and believe me there are lots of tears until the shirt is put on). He has to watch it while he eats breakfast (or as McQueen likes to call it "break-y").

He also has to sleep with the toy Cars. First it was Mater. Then it was Ramone. And now it was Sheriff. I think it's just a matter of whatever one he finds before bedtime. Luckily we have lots that he can choose from.