Sunday, March 23, 2008

More Easter Festivities...

Mason enjoyed coloring easter eggs. Not only did we put them in dye, but Mason also colored on them with crayons. And not only did we put them in one dye color, but some eggs got two or three dye jobs. Some of our eggs looked pretty interesting (one even resembled a squash due to its orange and green exterior).

So I did decide to use plastic eggs for our Easter Egg Hunt and luckily I saved the eggs from last year so I luckily I didn't have to run out to the store.

Mason did a pretty good job of finding them all himself (it probably helped that they were in plain sight).

Amazingly, Mason didn't throw these eggs to the ground. I don't know what the difference was, but he would find them and then run them over to Brig and had him open the eggs.

The Easter Bunny loaded his eggs with Bob the Builder characters. He was pretty excited about their contents.

Thanks Easter Bunny!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Here Comes the Easter Bunny...

Today was Mason's first organized Easter Egg Hunt. He did really well around the house carrying his basket. He'd even put stuffed animals in his basket and then come up and show me.

But there is something about the pandemonium of lots of kids running around picking up eggs that helps toddlers forget all the skills that they learned, practiced and knew at home.

At the Easter Egg Hunt, Mason was best at picking up the eggs and throwing them to the ground. This would result in their contents being strewn all across the floor. He was quite pleased with himself and I couldn't convince him that the eggs were to go in the basket. He did find a Thomas tent (with lots of eggs hidden inside) where he spent the majority of his time.

I did finally convince him to come out and look for more eggs, but by then most of the eggs where gone or already opened. I don't think Mason minded, because he walked around picking up the M&Ms that others left behind.

There was an Easter Bunny there, but I couldn't convince Mason to get his picture taken with it. He would wave to it from a safe distance away--which is an improvement over our trip to get a picture with Santa.

So we had a good practice for another egg hunt this weekend. But now I am rethinking our upcoming Easter Egg Hunt. When I was growing up the eggs weren't plastic, but were always hard-boiled eggs. I don't think that the results would be quite as good for us if Mason hurls them across the floor.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Big boy bed!!!

Mason spent his first night in his big boy bed! We are very excited here, especially since Mason decided on his own that this was where he wanted to sleep. He told Brig, "In this bed," when asked where he was going to go to sleep. And there he stayed all night--he didn't even fall out (see our use of floor cushions as crash pads in case he rolled over too far).

I guess this big boy bed was too tempting. It does look pretty fun, but I guess I am biased since I helped make it and came up with its design.

Mason definitely approves of the theme, although Cars is no longer the only movie that he will watch.

Here he is -- a happy boy in the morning after his first night in the big boy bed.

Trying out new rain boots...

I totally have a case of spring fever. Part of this is that I decided that Mason needed some rain boots--boots that he could use to jump in puddles, run in mud, and just be a boy in (without me worrying about them getting ruined). I had just brought them home when Brig was getting ready to go outside to wash his car. We put Mason in his rain boots and Brig gave him the hose (a very important job).

After his hard work, Mason gets a break to drink some delicious chocolate milk.

I think that his feet may have been dry thanks to the new boots, but you can clearly see that his pants are anything but dry. Maybe we need to look into waterproof pants.