Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hiking Fun!

Brig and Mason took off for the big hike up the mountain. Mason even hiked up most of the way by himself.

Brig thought that he might need to be carried down, but in the end, it was only Mason who needed help.

Congratulations hikers on making it up and back!

Spring Break 2008, part III...

Zoo Trip!

Our final fun activity for the week for a trip to the zoo. While we were there we saw all kinds of animals and even rode the train.

Mason even waited patiently for his turn and got off the train when we were all done. I was so impressed. It probably helped that he had friends and cousins there to be an example and help.

Even Uncle Mark was in on the fun. Mason didn't want to be in his stroller, but he did really well with his harness / backpack. And he rode on Mark's shoulders when he needed a break.

Mason was really cute at the leopard. The leopard was very active and pacing and growling. Mason wanted to see the leopard, but wasn't so sure every time the leopard came his way. He would hide behind Aunt Lori for safety when the leopard was too close.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring Break 2008, Part II....

Today we took a trip to the children's museum. It was totally mobbed by kids on spring break. I don't think that Mason noticed. He worked his way into the things he wanted to see and had a fun time.

Mason had to see the helicopter, but wouldn't go any closer.

Spring Break 2008, Part I ....

We are quite busy this week with lots of activities. Michelle even got us started off right with matching pirate adventure shirts.

On Monday we took off to a tulip festival, except with the long winter / slow spring warm-up there weren't many blooms.

Mason didn't care. He had a fun day running around.

He was so tired at the end of the trip that he climbed into an open stroller--something that he rarely does without being bribed.

We had a great time.

The next day we went to a new park to get our wiggles out. It was super windy and about 20 degrees cooler than the day before. But we had fun anyway.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Mason and I went to a museum of early / prehistoric life this week. It had lots of information about stuff before there were people.

There were rooms full of fossils. There were rooms full of dinosaur bones.

Funnily, Mason was afraid to enter into the rooms full of dinosaurs. He could see them before we went in, and he wanted nothing to do with them. He tried to turn back. After a few minutes of coaxing, I convinced him to enter.

But he was still worried.

They had a sand / water table to help demonstrate erosion. Really it's just an excuse for the kids to get dirty. Mason had a great time here.

Near the end, there was a room for the bones of underwater bones. I thought that Mason might be excited to see the shark, but it was too big. Mason was terrified. We had to walk along the furthest part of the room to make it to the next display.

He did like the next room--it had cave men skeletons hunting a woolly mammoth. I think he liked it because he could climb up the rocks in the room.

Sweet Dreams...

Every night when we check in on Mason he is in a funny sleeping position. The best didn't even get photographed.

He was sleeping with his head and shoulders on the side of his bed and his feet were over the side. If I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't have believed it. But he wasn't even falling off the bed. I don't know how you end up sleeping in that position, but it inspired me to take a photo essay of his sleeping positions.

He's just too cute.

Mason the Dancing Machine...

Have you checked out the bonus features on the new 101 Dalmations dvd?

On it is a music video of "Cruela de Vil" that Mason just adores. He sings, claps and dances along.

Here is a short video of his dancing and singing.

And yes, he's wearing a kid harness / backback. He's not so good at holding hands and has a dislike for strollers. We're trying this out as another option.