Sunday, August 31, 2008

First day of (pre-)school...

I'm a little late on this post (it was 8/21) but we left for Yellowstone the same day so....

Mason was so excited to go to school that he didn't want to pose for the traditional first day of school picture.

He's in a Friday morning program. I figure he needs all the extra help we can give him because people will always assume he is older because he is the size of older kids.

We heard that there were some tears on the first day...but not because he missed us. Nope. He was upset that they wanted to try to wipe his nose. The nerve of some people.

He loves going to school. I love how quiet it can be. Truly a win-win.

It is with deep regret that I share that Mason's frog boots have surpassed their usefulness.

These were Mason's favorite boots. He always wanted to wear them out -- everywhere.

I think it was because he could put them on himself. Even when the liner came out he didn't even care.

These boots are perfect for puddle jumping. But not when you get a hole -- in both heels. So all that puddle jumping was leaving a big
ol' puddle in his shoes. And then in my house.

I couldn't throw them away without taking their picture. They are so cheerful looking. Too bad they don't realize that they are on their way to the dumpster.

Luckily we were able to find new puddle jumping shoes...Lightening McQueen boots.
Definitely not as cheerful, but they do the job.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


This is the crew at our first football game of the season. BYU played Northern Iowa State Technical Online Beauty College or something like that. We showed up near the end of the second quarter, just in time.

Here is hottie wife sporting some Mary Kate Olsen style shades, while Brady goes throwback to never-cool with the denim hat.

Stephanie even knew most of the words to the fight song, that song is so long that you have to do a 4 year undergrad here memorize it all. I got the "Fight/Rise (who knows, who cares) and shout the Cougars are out" part then mumbled some more before I got bored and decided to watch the grass on the field grow until the song was over, I think they mowed twice.

The Cougars are no Buckeyes (meaning a team with a shot at a national championship) but it was fun anyway.
Shane and I took Ethan and Mason Camping last night. Not only was it camping, but it also involved a long hike. This is a hike that Mason and I have done a bunch of times, but this time Mason had to carry a pack with his own stuff in it. I just can't wait until I can sneak some of my stuff into his pack.

I get flash backs from a backpacking trip with my dad, we got lost, I found the trail a quarter mile straight up the side of a mountain, then hear some "hey, I can't carry this pack up there!" So I go down to help only to find out that dad's pack weighed abut 85 pounds, So after slogging the thing up the mountain I find out that in the bag is about 10 times too much junk, it is as if we were hiking 30 years ago, all tough guy Army style with external frame packs and push-ups every mile just for fun. Well I figure with an extra pair of shoes, a gas stove (heavy metal tank) a huge knife (what my wife would refer to as a Cochran knife) and heaven knows how many extra pairs of clothes, I had to introduce dad to backpacking with your knees and lower back in mind rather than your tough guy image.

Anyway, I can't wait to dump a pair of steel toe Red Wing leather boots into Mason's pack someday, just for fun. By the way, at his 30 month check up, the doc said he expects Mason to run about 6'6"-6'7", ouch, maybe he will deserve the boot treatment if I have to feed that thing. Mom thought my big french-bread loaf sandwiches were bad, She may have to feel bad for me soon.

So on the way up I was lucky to get this pic of Mason losing a shoe. This wasn't even a dramatic recreation, this is the real deal. It is as if Big Foot ran across the trail and whacked him right out of his shoes. Who loses a shoe hiking? Oh, right, blame me for not doing up the velcro correctly. Fine, but that stuff is hard to understand, there are so many hooks, and so many loops, how do you know if you got them all? Could happen to anyone. By the way, 1986 called, it wants its velcro shoes back.

Here is the crew hiking up the trail. Big surprise, the Sasquastch size 2 year old is bringing up the rear. Oh wait, maybe it is the guy with the camera, I forget, that guy should get moving, it is not like this is going to be made into an Imax movie or anything.

And can someone explain to me why the gargantuan munchkin is taking the road of most resistance by walking over the big rocks instead of around them? Maybe he inherited my severe lack of attention to detail.

Nothing says camping like hot tasty schmoes. These pictures came out really bad, I think it may have been the smoke, or if not, it was the camera, don't even blame the cameraman, I can vouch for that guy.

Here we are getting ready for bed. It has been a long day. This is day 2 of Mason's no pacifier program. He has been pretty whiny at bedtime for the last couple of nights, but last night he was a champion. I was really proud of him.

After a good nights sleep, Here is Mason chowing down on some oatmeal. His mom told me today that she can't get him to touch the stuff, but after a long hike and nothing else to eat, this kid will put anything in his mouth. I was thinking of telling the boys that all we had were snakes and roaches for breakfast, but I decided to take the path of least resistance and pass on that one. Pick only the battles that are going to be funniest I say.

Monday, August 25, 2008


We braved our first road trip with 3 kids this weekend. I didn't know if I was up for a long trip so we went to Yellowstone (after a quick stop in Idaho for a wedding reception where Brig's sister Kishele was too--with her new husband).

So you can't go to Yellowstone without going to Old Faithful, so we went there first.

My big fear was that we would show up minutes after it had gone off and then we would have 90 minutes to wait for the next time. But after feeding the babies, changing diapers and eating a picnic lunch we made it to Old Faithful with 25 minutes until the next eruption.

Mason didn't quite know what to make of it. He was pretty afraid of it. So we didn't get to watch the whole thing from our front row spot. Luckily, Brig was in the back (strollers don't fit on the front row) so we went to stand with him.

After the show, we went back to the car where all 3 kids promptly took naps. We kept driving around the park though and by the time Mason woke up we made it to the bison herd. As we were driving by the bison decided to walk across the road! They were right next to our car. I was glad that Mason didn't try to pet one through his open window.

I don't know if you can see it, but Mason has tears on his face. He wasn't crying because he was afraid of the bison. No not the big scary looking animals. He was afraid of the flies that were hanging out near the bison. We've tried to explain that a fly is harmless, but he thinks that it is a bee. And it doesn't help that he got stung by a wasp earlier this summer.

t was a good day for animal sitings. We saw bison, deer, elk, bears (including a bear with her cub and a grizzly bear eating from a bison carcass) and birds. Although the pictures of the bears are pretty lame as we were far away.

We also got out of the car a few times to check out other interesting sites around the park. Here Brig and Mason are at the Dragon Spring (I think)...which is near a mud volcano. Both of those were pretty cool. The hat is covering up baby Alex. Brady and I were still in the car having snacks.

We had a great time. All in all it wasn't too bad for a car trip with 3 kids. We might do it again.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

fire station tour....

This week we went to tour a neighborhood fire station. I thought that this would be a total hit with Mason. But I soon learned that the fire trucks were a little more intimidating in real life. He stayed very close to me, and at times, he was clinging to me. A rareity.

This last shot took some real work convincing him. He was only brave enough to stand by the tire for his picture when he saw another little boy doing it too.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Some smiles...

During his diaper change Alex was giving me some cute smiles. So I pulled out my camera (after the diaper change) and got some really cute pictures of him smiling.

Brady took some more convincing. He wouldn't hold his smile long enough for my camera to take a picture. The first picture is the best...except my hand got in the way. Argh.

Mostly he just looked at me and the camera. As seen below.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hey there little brother...

I took the baby boys in for some photos and got some really cute pictures. Luckily I already have the cute boys, so these aren't if I was in the picture too.

little buddies
Alex has his arm around Brady's head.


It's a good thing I went when I did. The baby boys just outgrew their 0-3 month clothes. If I'd waited any longer, these outfits would not have worked anymore.
New tricks...

As you all are well aware now (thanks to the Totinos Pizza Incident) Brig is not above doing a dramatic re-enactment for the sake of his blog.
So when Brady decided to roll over ( two months) he asked if I had taken a picture.
Apparently I am supposed to be able to run around after a 2 year old and 2 two month olds and always have my camera ready to go at a moments notice. didn't happen.
So for the sake of the blog I decided to go for the re-enactment.

Look Mom I can get myself from my stomach....
To my back....
But I don't think that Brady is ready for a dramatic re-enactment business. He was not cooperating. He wouldn't smile. He just cried. Maybe he's going to be very earnest and honest.
And then not to be outdone, Alex has rolled over too. There are no pictures to document that either.
Parking Garage...

I've heard that there are two types of boys when it comes to playing with their cars.

One kind lines them all up in a row, while the other prefers destruction and piles.

I thought for sure that Mason was into the mayhem of piles and car crashes (given his behavior around his brothers).

But it appears I was wrong.

Mason even tells me their names as he lines them up in his "parking garage."

Sally, Mater, Lightening McQueen, Leak Less, Sheriff, etc. (It's a pretty long list thanks to his Aunt Shelly)

I think I might be in trouble with the twins if each boy has a different car preference. I can see it all now...One's trying to line them up while the other takes them out. I'll cross my fingers and hope they will think that is a fun game.