Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Little Guy's New Obsession....

Little Guy is obsessed with soccer. He has always had a love for balls, but his new soccer ball has quickly moved into favorite status.

Not only does the soccer ball usually go on all our trips (we leave it in the car) but it also goes to bed with him at night. I'll try to get a picture of that to share.

This afternoon, he and Lolo played outside and I finally got some pictures. He's got a good straight kick. This morning he played with a neighbor girl (who is 4 and smaller than he is) and unfortunately she kicked like a girl. Her kicks sent the ball all over and not very far. Little Guy, on the other hand, would kick it nice and straight with good distance.

I didn't know that I would be a soccer mom so soon.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rice Cereal...

For their 4 month birthday the twins got to start rice cereal. It was a crazy hectic time.

Before we started Alex was upset and crying. But once he started to eat cereal, he calmed down. He thought that it wasn't too bad. Although we did have to take a break to change a dirty diaper.

Brady is not as much a fan of the cereal. I don't know if he's figured out how to swallow the cereal. Usually he spits it back out. But we keep trying.

Mason wanted to get in on the action. He went to the kitchen and got a spoon (as pictured). I made him his own bowl after the babies ate. He was not a fan. He preferred the Mac and Cheese that I made him for lunch.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Camping Trip 9-5-08

Mason and I took C-Dog camping this weekend. This pic does not do justice to the real size difference between the two.

Here Mason and I are crossing the log bridge. We have video of Mason and I crossing this in the Spring with raging water beneath it, but we figured if we posted it CPS would definitely show up at the house, even Stephanie threatened to call them if I did this again.

This is a little guy we found while looking for wood. We were about 20 yards from our campground when C-Dog spotted this guy with his headlamp. We called Mason over and at first he was like "Dadda look, spider..." The he realized the thing was real and freaked out. It was pretty funny to watch his reactions when C-Dog poked it with a stick and made it move.

Here is C-Dog and Mason scarfing down some snacks. Mason has found a new love for oatmeal as noted in a previous post. C-Dog and I split a bag of chicken and rice, it was pretty good. The only reason it was good was that we left the water in it for 30 minutes while I was on the phone with Stephanie trying to book flights to New York at the end of this month. Yep, you guessed it, I am back on the hunt for a banking job this year. So if your dad is the CEO of Goldman Sachs, lie to him and tell him how smart I am and how much he will regret not hiring me. Did I mention I can build a fire with a Pocket Rocket (shown lower left of picture).

In case you couldn't see Mason clearly in the last shot, here is a close-up of his dirty mug. He put his hands in the ashes and then wiped his face. Classy kid, this one. I mostly keep him around for entertainment value, and he has never let me down yet.

My favorite part of this trip was when we woke up. I rubbed Mason's head and said,"good morning Mason." and he shot up and replied, "Good morning Dad, Good morning C-Dog." It was awesome.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Bye Bye Binkies...

We had a farewell to Binkies party last week to help Mason say goodbye to his "be-bes".

He gave them to the binkie fairy who is delivering them to boys and girls in need.

Putting the binkies in the envelope.

Special delivery for the binkie fairy.

We had the party at bedtime...hoping this would help him remember when we put him to bed where his binkies were. He looks pretty happy about those cupcakes.

He looks pretty happy in these pictures, but he wasn't ready for the reality when he went to bed. Luckily the binkie fairy brought him some race cars. So he's pretty happy about that.

That night when he went to bed he told me that he needed the binkies. It was sad. But a week later he's not even asking for them. So a partial success for us...too bad it means other new bed time and nap time troubles though.
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2nd day of school...

Brig returned to school this week. He was all set to go today and Mason decided that he was going to join him.

He found a backpack, put it over his head and was ready to go. He decided he didn't need a clean diaper, to change out of his pjs or even shoes.

I had to take a picture because he looks quite pleased with himself.

He was sad for a few minutes after Brig left. But we've had lots of fun today. So hopefully no long term emotional distress over not getting to go to school.

We tried to explain that he went on Fridays. He remembered that and that he was learning about shapes (not derivatives and futures like Brig). But he still thought that he should get to go too.

"Go too?" he kept asking.

For fun today Mason got to finger paint...for the first time. He thought it was tons of fun. Although I'm going to need to figure out how to make his smock (an old adult shirt with the arms cut off) fit him better. And he got to go to Aunt Lo-lo's house. Sounds tons more fun than learning about derivatives.