Thursday, October 30, 2008

Poor, poor Riley...

Everyday he looks at me and wonders how he got himself in this mess. Especially now that the babies have discovered hair pulling and Little Guy has appointed himself chief dog groomer (where he runs around with the dog hair brush cornering Riley under the table).

Mr. Uncooperative...

Little Guy is living up being 2. I can't believe that I will have 2 in the 2s in just over 18 months.

Here are some pics where he managed to hold it together.

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Best buds...
They definitely look happier together. Not many serious expressions here. Just two dudes goofing around.

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Brady @ 5 months old...

I managed to get one of Brady smiling, but I cut off most of his face. So it's not cute. Even with his cute smile. Maybe I need to hire a photog with real skills.
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Alex @ 5 months old...

Today I got some cute photos of all my kids.

Here are some of Alex that are super cute.

I tried to get a smile, but he kept them to himself until the end when I got some pictures with the twins together.
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Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Party...

I can't believe I forgot my camera for the Halloween Party. Luckily, we live in a day and age where a phone will also do the job. Hooray for technology.

Little Guy was totally scared by a family of robots. They were all in boxes covered in tin foil and we saw them in the parking lot on our way in.

Little Guy told us he was afraid of them. We tried to steer clear of them, but they ended up being in front of him for the Halloween costume judging.

He actually ran off the stage in tears because the biggest robot "powered down" on the stage and wouldn't leave until someone pushed his power button. I didn't see a microsoft sticker anywhere on his costume, but I bet there had to be some connection.

Just in case you're wondering, Brig went as a surfer (without his board). And Lori and I dressed alike and went as twins (to honor all the people who ask me if I'm one too), but we didn't get our picture together. I'll have to remember to do that this Friday.

Check out my two cute penguins. We got one costume from my sister (thanks Lisa) and I found another one on ebay. Another yea for technology.

So cute.

Homemade sandbox.

I walked downstairs after putting the babies down for their morning nap and was greated by Little Guy throwing something (that looked liked dirt) as confetti at me as I came down the stairs.

At first I thought it was dirt from my vacuum (it's bagless and I thought Little Guy figured out how to get into it). But after some more investigation I found that he'd made his own sandbox with baby oatmeal cereal.

I thought I could get mad, but it was too funny and he looked so cute playing in it.

So instead I got the camera and got some action shots.

I did move the cereal to somewhere he couldn't get it for round 2.

It's snowing!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pop quiz... Updated


I don't think that they look alike, but I spend all day (and lots of the night) with them. Can you tell who is who?

Can't tell? Want to know if you're right? Put your cursor over the picture and through the magic of the Internet you'll find out who is who.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Some funny things about twins

Hanging out in the stroller
When you have twins there are a few things that change in your life. Most of these changes I expected.

Less sleep. Yes. More diapers. Yes. People I don't know staring at me. No.

Nor did I expect the random conversations that I would have with the people who want to tell me about their twin stories.

Here are some of the erroneous assumptions that most make:

1. I don't have any other kids
2. They are identical
3. We needed fertility treatments
4. I have lots of time to talk to random strangers

There are more, but my favorite question is when people ask me if they are twins. It is getting harder and harder to say yes. Can't I just say, "No really I have triplets, but we left the third one home to be babysat by the dog." Or is that wrong?

My favorite story about a random stranger involves a woman who herself is a fraternal twin (she has a twin brother). She stopped me at Wal-Mart to tell me about her life story. The best part is she had to tell me that she wasn't an identical twin. And this was AFTER she told me that she had a twin brother. I actually had to tell her that it is biologically impossible to have an identical twin of the opposite sex. And it was news to her.

The other comment that I don't get is the, "I always wanted twins." Are you kidding me?

But on the fun side, they sometimes hold hands and will smile and laugh at each other. I guess it's hard not to stare when you see two adorable babies. So the gawking I'm sure will go on.

Here are some new pictures of the cuties...

Alex looking cute

I think Twin #1 looks so cute in rugby shirts. I don't know if it's collar or the color, but he looks tons cuter in this shirt than Brady does. Or even Little Guy (as it was originally his shirt). It might be due to the fact that he has more of a neck than either of them do / did at this age.

Mobile Brady Check Twin #2 out. He started on his back under the floor gym. I don't know how he managed to wiggle over, but apparently he was done with
looking at those toys. I didn't know the carpet would be so fascinating.

Brady looking cuteA closer picture.

Aren't they adorable?

Autumn Fun

We took a trip to a corn maze this week. The babies went too, but they weren't as much fun to photograph as they were in the stroller the whole time.

Little Guy enjoying himself while pretending to drive a tractor.

Little Guy suggested that I include two pictures of him on the cow train. He loved this ride.

I stayed behind with the babies. They were enjoying the view.

Coming out of the corn maze.

And a sure sign that Little Guy had a fun time is the in-car nap.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

What do you do the day before it snows?

Seriously. It snowed today. In October. Not even the end of October. It's the beginning of October (ok maybe you could argue it's almost the middle of October, but certainly too early for snow).

I saw the forecast for snow and it motivated me to get the kids out while the weather is still nice (or at least not freezing). It was a bit cold, but we went out for a walk anyway because the weatherman said to expect 2 - 4 inches of snow on Saturday (today).

We bundled the babies and even used the bundles that came with stroller. I threw a blanket in the bundle thing too, and they kept the babies nice and toasty.

Mr. Houdini here (aka Twin #2) didn't want his hands in the bundler. He insisted on keeping one hand out and then he fell asleep with a death grip on it. I had to pry his little fingers off (once he was asleep) to try to keep his hands toasty warm.

Twin #1 was much more cooperative and even stayed awake for the walk. He enjoys feeling warm and toasty (definitely related to me) and kept his little hands inside the warm and toasty bundler.

We stopped on our walk for a quick romp in the leaves. Little Guy and his cousin threw them high in the air. I tried to get an action shot but was always too early or too late.

As you can see here, I was too early.

And our destination was a swing along the river trail. Little Guy and his cousin are big fans and both even got underdogs (courtesy of Aunt Shelly). I'm too chicken to do an underdog. I have accepted my fate as being super uncoordinated and am afraid I'd get kicked in the head or fall flat on my face if I attempted to give an underdog.

It took some coaxing, but I got a cute smile out of Little Guy. He has entered this phase where he thinks he must stick his tongue out for pictures. Somehow he thinks he is the new Gene Simmons.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

What can you do for fun when you're 4 months old?

Is Twin #2 contemplating his next move? Hmmm...which toy should I chew on next? Maybe he's deciding if he wants to get picked up.

I'm pretty sure Little Guy was doing something to attract Twin #2's attention here.

Twin #1 got some floor time. Both boys enjoy hanging out and grabbing the toys above them. Sometimes I put them there together.

I'm sure you can see it can get cramped with two babies in one floor gym.

They also enjoy their rattles, swing time and bouncy seats. And will laugh and smile, but usually not for a camera.

Cameras mean serious expressions -- apparently they are trying to figure it out. Either that our they are blinded by the flash.
Under construction....

So we're getting crazy and personalizing our blog. I guess after using it for over 2 years we should finally make the blog feel like it's one of the family.

I'll be trying new stuff out. Maybe you'll see it, maybe you won't. But I'll settle on a look soon. I'm sure.

I'm just not sure when soon is...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

One blankie, check ....

Over the past two years Little Guy has been adding to his favorite blanket collection. Now when we go to bed there is quite a ritual.

Here is Little Guy pre-blankies (sporting his skeleton pjs).

First go on the blue, silky blankets. There are two. Check. Check.

Next comes a small green fleece blanket. (A freebie from when I had the twins...I don't know how it joined the other favorites. I guess Little Guy figured that I got two babies, he deserved the blanket that came in the free diaper bag.) Check.

Next come the two dog blankets. One is fleece and from Aunt Shelly. Check.

And then finally comes the dog blanket from Grandma Mentie. Checklist complete.

It is quite a pile of blankets. He doesn't always sleep under them all, but they all have to be on him in order for him to be ready for bed.

And if you can see in the back, right hand corner, is the beloved soccer ball. Luckily there's still room for him amid all those blankets. He loves his blankets. I'm sure he'll try to add more to his pile.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Fall is officially here....
We got out to check out the fall leaves, but I think we may have been a week too late. Last week we drove through the canyon and it was alive with colors - reds, oranges, and yellows. But without any photo opportunities. So we went out again tonight, but most of the reds were gone.

Yep...that's snow on the top of that mountain. I hate cold. can there be snow already?


This is a picture of a wooden crocodile. Mason was afraid of this fallen log and kept telling us about the crocodile. He didn't believe us when we told him they don't live in the mountains. But it did look like a crocodile to us we took a picture to share.
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