Thursday, November 20, 2008

What happened to the good old days?
Koa wants to know. He reminded me that he did his job. He barks at all strangers. He hasn't bit the postman. He doesn't run away (not like his friend Riley).
So in an effort to keep his services as a guard dog he's back on the blog. Contractually speaking, he was due for an appearance. And why not? Look at his cute mug.
Here's a shout out to Koa. The first character to grace the pages of our blog.
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This Just In..... Brig's Blog Hijacked!!!

This is the problem with outsourcing, you give the contract manufacturer a little too much power, and they steal your business right out from under you. I trusted Stephanie with my blog, I thought she was doing a great job, not as much sarcasm as I had hoped, but witty nonetheless. Koa didn't make as many guest appearances as his contract dictated, but even he found it in his heart to make way for "cute babies" and "silly toddlers."

Private Blog? Counterpoint.

I started this blog to be "Of the people" I don't want to exclude anyone, I bring people together, I don't divide people by requiring "memberships" and "disclosure" and "hygiene." I say come one, come all, those of you who lurk.

However, it has come to my attention that this blog is going private. I wonder if I am even going to be invited? Have you gotten your hand engraved invitation? I haven't. Am I bitter? Not at all, ok, maybe a little, but that is normal right?

Anyway, the decision has been made and I happen to like kissing the person who made it, so there it is, i will go back to my secret bunker and lurk like the rest of you. And don't bother protesting, I tried, it wasn't worth it. Just get your forehead bar code tattoo and we will enter your number into the "membership" database that we call "The Beast" and you can be a member of our exclusive club.

So lurkers, lurk away, you only have a few days left...!

December 1st is safety day....

I realized the other day that we have had this blog for over 3 years. How crazy is that? Three years of putting our life out there on the Internet. 3 years of getting cute pictures and funny stories about our life.

So as an anniversary present to ourselves, we are taking our blog private.

This might seem like a hardship to some of you who lurk on the blog. But if you want to keep up to date on our witty commentary and cute kids you have to make yourself known.

Please email me (not Brig...he would forget to tell me and then you'd be cut off) and let me know if you'd like access to our blog, because it's going private on 1 Dec 2008.

If you don't have my email address you can always leave a comment on the blog because I check those too.

Please provide me with your email address so that I can send you an invitation to our blog party!!!!

Because at Club C safety is our first concern. Even on the Internet. And don't forget, because you'd kick yourself if you don't get to see the pictures of the baby boys' first christmas.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Obsession for babies

Twin #2 has an obsession. Even when he was in utero I knew he was obsessed. He loves to move and kick his feet. I got kicked by him. Alot. Luckily I am (usually) no longer at the receiving end of this. Sometimes I even call him "Kicky."

He can't use the swing because when he's in it the swing will rock from his constant kicking--even while seated. And he doesn't like the exersaucer to play with the toys, he uses it to jump up and down.

I remembered that I had a Johnny Jump Up that was barely used by Little Guy (he was a hater) and had Brig search our crawl space until he found it (which is quite a feat given the volume of stuff we store there).

And after a few minutes, #2 had it all figured out. He was in it jumping happily for over an hour. He even skipped his nap so that he could keep jumping.

I'm so glad I remembered the jump up because lately his two favorite past times have been eating his fingers and hitting himself with rings (pictured on the left). I was starting to feel sorry for him.

As you can see there are smiles all around in the Jump Up.

And look at these happy feet.

Even as I type this now I can hear him happily jumping up and down.

Watch the video and see him in action.
(Sorry you have to turn your head to the side)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Half birthday

The twins are 6 months old!!! They are growing and doing so many things (to bad one of them isn't sleeping through the night).

To celebrate (or really to start solid foods) the baby boys had squash for lunch. I know. I am so kind and generous to let them eat food that I haven't touched in years. We'll move onto sweet potatoes next.

Twin #2 was first up for a tasty lunch. He eats in a high chair with a spoon very well. He was all ready to go in this picture.

Yum. Nothing like tasty, nothing added (no seasonings) squash.

Twin #1 is not as sure of himself in the high chair, but he does fine. So he was ready to go. And he managed to grab the spoon and fling squash on himself and the wall before I could start feeding him. Talk about good hand eye coordination.

He looks pretty pleased to have had a tasty squash lunch.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Birthday Party....

We celebrated another birthday here last week for Brig. No exciting pictures to share; however, I thought you should all see what he chose for his birthday cake.

Have you ever tried to pick between a cherry pie and a cheesecake for a party / event? Well, Brig (being a solutions guy) came up with the solution.

The cherry pie cheesecake.

Brig told me that he wanted a cherry pie dumped on top of the cheesecake for his birthday.

When I turned the pie over it did a good job of staying together (maybe because I didn't make the crust and used a store bought one due to lack of time...we had our last home football game on Saturday).

I think Brig was disappointed that it wasn't a cherry mess, but I did use two crusts.

So here is a piece of the cherry pie cheesecake.

Those of you who know that I don't
like cooked fruit will be relieved to know that I was able to only eat the cheesecake.

I think it might be due to years of practice in eating cake without touching the icing (another yucky thing).

This picture is getting included because Riley has glowing demon eyes. For some reason the flash was giving everyone red eyes and Riley glowing eyes (even on the red eye reduction setting). Who know what was up.

Happy Birthday Brig!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election day funny...

So hopefully everyone knows that today is election day. I'm not here to tell you who or what to vote for, because hopefully you already have or know who you will, but I had to share this video.

You may have already seen it on SNL, but I have watched it multiple times (thanks to tivo) and it sill makes me laugh.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Trick or Treat!

We had a fantastic Halloween. Little Guy loved to trick or treat. Brig even wanted to knock off after 30 minutes, but Little Guy wanted more candy. I think he is still in disbelief about how easy it is to get chocolate.

He went in his dog costume, but he had a rough start. He attends preschool on Friday mornings. (Luckily or I don't know how I'd get any grocery shopping done. I have one baby in a Bjorn and one in his car seat on the cart.) And this Friday was a Halloween party with a parade of costumes of all the pre-school classes. He was not a fan. He cried. With real tears. At least I was in the room so I could be there to stop the tears. Poor little guy.

Here he is with Ms Dana his teacher. The tears came shortly after I took this picture.

I got him back with his class to get a group picture, but it's hard to see him. I ended up in the picture they took just of his class.

After school we went home, grabbed some lunch and then we were back out to another Halloween event. This time we went to Michelle's school for the entire elementary school parade of costumes. He walked around with Michelle and his cousin and was fine for about 2 minutes. And then the tears reappeared. It was lots harder to get back to him. The school was crammed with parents and kids. But he calmed down once he was out of the parade and just watching the other kids go by.

The babies got to enjoy the day's events either in their car seat or their stroller. It was a long day for them, but they survived and got to wear these cute shirts from their Grammy.

Here we all are before heading out for tricks or treat. Little Guy didn't cry about this part of Halloween.

Trick or Treat. He did a test run at our door.

Michelle, Twin #2 and I were all outside to hand out candy to the trick or treaters.