Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Flash Back - The Red Diaper Bag

So this was a bag I did this past summer for Stephanie. Unfortunately, she did not like the size of the bag, it was way to big (even though she can't close her new bag because stuff is constantly flowing out of the top.)

So what do you do with a big diaper bag? You sell it. I sold this bag to a colleague at Cisco who gave it to her best friend that was having a baby. I gave her a good deal on this, even though it is a one of a kind (the fabric was discontinued)

The outer on this bag is a heavy canvas. The pattern on this canvas was hard to work with. A very precise geometric pattern looks good on the flat fabric, but when you put a pattern piece on it to cut, you find out that the lines are not all that straight, and it is frustrating to straighten the fabric before you cut.

The inside was a 200d Cordura Nylon (not waterproof). Looking back I wish that I had doubled up each of the pieces, just to add a little bit more structure to the inside of the bag. But the color was awesome and really worked for this bag.

The inside has pockets for all of the essentials including bottles, diapers and a wipes case. The large size of this bag ensures that it never looks stuffed, it always looks clean and sleek.

For additional detail, I used seat belt webbing for the strap, and then added the highlight stitching in red. I also added two outer pockets, but they are mostly for decoration, as using them distorts the shape... and image is everything. Just ask Katie and Suri. (who do not have one of these bags.)

Monday, February 09, 2009

Color Pallete

So here are the final color choices. I am still looking at some cool interior fabrics, especially since I've talked Stephanie into a possible fur lined board compartment.

This is going to look sweet. I am going to get the fabric ordered this work and get working on this early next week. Although I joke about it, I will start posting pattern pieces here soon.