Saturday, July 04, 2009

Scorecard - 4/3/09

So, I didn't shoot horrible. I bogeyed every hole at one point, and pared the 3rd in the second round.

Check out Little Guy puttin on the practice course.

Little Guy walking the course.

Golfing...Sand Clinic

So yesterday, Zane, Mark, Little Guy and I went golfing. There is a nice little 4 hole course that you can play multiple balls and as many times as you want for $5. That is my kind of 102 degree golf.

I actually shot pretty well, I single bogeyed about everything, but I did shoot one par for the day. I'll post my score card on the next post.

We played out of the sand a lot, which is good practice. I am getting better with my new sticks. I got a set of Callaway Big Bertha Irons and 2 new Nike woods for graduation. I probably ned a couple of more wedges and one more wood, but that is for later discussion.

We walked the course, and I was shocked that Little Guy held up so well. Since he took his driver and tried to drive it 300 yards against a stone column, needless to say the shaft and

unattached head did not come with us to the course, so all Little Guy got to do was putt, which he seemed to enjoy.