Monday, December 28, 2009

Urban Meyer... Seriously? This is How it is Going to Go Down?

I predicted Cincinnati by 18 a couple of weeks ago, however I predicted that it would be because Tebow would fake a pulled hammy to stop the embarrassment brought to them courtesy of the Big East Champ.  They should have just stuck with my plan, it is much less pathetic.

I had no idea Florida would resort to this.

At first I thought, oh, Meyer is trying to preserve what he has left of his health after several stressful years of being a "way too hands on" coach.  But I changed my mind after that ridiculous, "after I met with my players at practice, I decided to just take a leave of absence" farce.

I think this is a planned scheme to take the heat off of this upcoming loss, after which Urban will make some miraculous rebound before next season, but with much lower expectations as he will be able to blame next years lack of performance from his absence for most of the pre-season on the assistants rather than his poor recruiting.

Oh well, the screens worked pretty well up until now.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Card Preview.

We had our pictures done a couple of weeks ago for our Christmas card.  Here's the preview.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Motorcycle Helmets and Other Lazy Weekend Adventures.

This was one of the most lazy weekends we have had in a long time.  Just about everyone in the house was sick at some point this past week, so it was nice to shut down for much of the weekend.

Wife was pretty much down from Friday night through Saturday night (I slept for 12 hrs on Sunday), but performed like a trooper during the day on Saturday, mostly because she didn't trust me to pick out good Christmas presents for anybody, and that is merely based on years and years of historical evidence, nothing concrete like "premonition".

Its as if binging her a stocking full of goodies in the middle of January is somehow "not in the spirit of Christmas."  Because somehow stockings are only special when opened on Christmas morning.  In my defense, I wasn't aware that the stockings were my job.

On our shopping spree on Saturday, we did find a few moments in which we could make the Walmart staff cringe. 

As you can see here, I jammed Little Guy's head into a motorcycle helmet, I had to snap a quick picture of it because of the way it distorted his face. 

I also put the helmet on the twins, but they weren't as excited about it, so the helmet came off pretty quick and hit the floor with a "crack" hence the displeasure of the Walmart staff. 

I rationalized that we were doing quality control testing, because if falling 3 feet is a serious problem for a motorcycle helmet, then I would suggest that you buy a helmet from somewhere that doesn't flinch when you pick up the helmet, and hurl it from the 2nd floor down to the concrete below. 

In fact, if they do anything other than laugh, I suggest you just ride your motorcycle without a helmet because what is the difference really?

So, to wrap up, people and dogs lying on couch and floor doing lots and lots of chillin', babies playing nice together for the first time ever, and little guy with a jacked up face to amuse the onlookers.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Those Ornaments are NOT Real Gold... Stop Stealing Them!

We decided to put up the Christmas decorations early this year, in fact we did it on the day after Thanksgiving after all of our guests left for home.

We bought a pre-lit fake Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve last year, but didn't set it up as we already had spent 2 days wrangling lights and ornaments onto my old-school un-pre-lit tree.  But alas, the Wife and I bought a pre-lit and not surprisingly saved our marriage in the process.  So much cheaper than counseling, seriously.

But then the "completely expected" occurred out of nowhere and hit from 2 sides at once.  The twins started tormenting their mother by taking turns yanking ornaments off of the tree, despite the fact that the bottom 1/3rd of the tree was left bare, on purpose.  Obviously that wasn't enough.

As soon as she would grab one kid trying to steal an ornament, the other would swoop in and start with the grabby hands routine.  I got home a few nights ago to the bottom half of the tree devoid of ornaments.

So I did what all good husbands would do, I sat on the couch with the remote control and a tall ice-cold glass of Diet Coke and told Wife to go get the child gate thing from the up-stairs spare bedroom closet. 

This got an odd look at first, and I was really going to go get it myself, but then got distracted by some looney Brit racing around Iceland in a Chrysler Crossfire and forgot.

But not surprisingly when I got home from the office a couple of days ago, there it was.  The Christmas Tree had been walled off like Fort Knox.  Now all we have to deal with is Twin #1 and his insatiable need to throw all of his toys over the wall.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Brig's Bowl Preview - Matlock Reruns or Fiesta Bowl- You Decide!

There is a lot of animosity about the bowl picks this week.  I am not all that shocked or dismayed by the choices, I will say however that Boise State and TCU should consider their BCS Bowl games a gift.  I would not have been so kind.  Beat a few teams with winning schedules (who beat a few teams with winning schedules) and you will be considered legit, if nobody will play you because they consider you a threat, then go public with those conversations and shame the brand name programs into playing you.  Enough said, lets look at the match-ups.

National Championship Game:  Texas/ Alabama.  This is the right game for the national championship.  In my unbiased poll, I came to the same conclusion.  I am excited to watch this game.  No other match-up here makes any sense.  If you want me to read you the numbers on why this is right call me, this is easy, despite your love for Smurf Stadium.  Both quarterbacks show up for this game, defenses execute effectively, lots of ball movement, but not in the red zone, look for a low scoring nail-biter game.  Texas by 3.

Sugar Bowl- Cincinnati/ Florida.  Again, my poll agrees with this conclusion and I think that Cincinnati might have a chance here.  This will get watched, but not with much enthusiasm as there is no real point to this game.Tebow fakes a pulled hammy in the 2nd just before half-time when Florida is down by 16, Cincinnati by 18.

Fiesta Bowl- TCU/ Boise State- Meh'.  Pass.  Waste of a game.  It will be lucky to sell out and not a lot of people will watch the whole game.  This will be a "Flip to it before Matlock makes his closing arguments just to see what is going on" kind of game.  Fiesta Bowl officials are going to regret making this choice as they are going to lose a lot of money.  Nobody cares who wins this game, no prediction.

Rose Bowl- Ohio State/ Oregon.  No surprise here.  Classic Pac10/Big 10 match-up, will get watched to see Oregon beat Ohio State to further fuel the Big 10 is overrated diatribe.  Problem:  Ohio State will win this game handily, I don't care if Phil Knight gives the ducks gold uniforms with his face emblazoned in diamonds on them, OSU to win this game by 13.

Orange Bowl- Iowa/ Georgia Tech.  This will be a good match-up.  Solid performances this year, but don't look for a really exciting game here.  Both schools beat a lot of teams with winning records.  Game slots deserved by both teams.  This will pull decent ratings and probably fill the stadium with Tech fans.  Although both teams have a good shot at winning this, Iowa by 6.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Brig Poll - Week 15. Ugly Can Still Win Football Games.

Texas pulls off a miracle, Alabama shows Florida's true colors and Cincinnati shows that schizophrenia can win football games.

It was an amazing weekend of football.  I was more than happy to see Florida fall from grace, as, in my opinion, they never rose to any grace in the first place.

Alabama played a spectacular game, their offense came to play and executed against a Florida defense that has been keen to shut down even the weakest offenses this year.

USC predictably faltered again, While Cinci put on a show to be remembered.

Half of my house was rooting for the Huskers, and even though that half had to go to bed before the game was over, he woke us to panicked questioning about who won the game, and "But I wanted the Huskers to win, Colt McCoy is a hack."

And who can argue with that analysis.  The Huskers kicker took on the entire Longhorns contingent and almost walked away with the win.  Awesome game.

I think we will see a very good Alabama put the hurtin' on Texas if Texas doesn't make some serious changes in the next few weeks.  One of those changes needs to be passion.  They didn't even look like they cared about the game.  Especially when McCoy takes the snap with 8 seconds on the board and then looks around for a receiver before throwing it way.  I thought he was just going to either take the snap and spike it, or immmediately throw it away, that extra second was a gift from McCoys own stupidity.

Should be a fun post-season.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Doctors and Mechanics... All in a Day's Work.

Holy Crap.  When it rains it pours.  Long story short.  Nothing wrong with Cruiser except dead battery, so we had it towed for nothing, yeah. 

Then, when I am at home for lunch so Wife can take the car to go get some milk and bananas, Twin # Trouble falls on a window sill and gets a cut next to his eye. 

So while she gets an appointment to have him looked at to see if he needs stitches, Little Guy and I race off to the office to get my computer so I can make sure that all of you local hospitals, doctors clinics and insurance companies have the latest technology on hand to aid your speedy recovery when needed.

So we get home, Wife runs Twin #Trouble to the hospital, where luckily all he needs is a bit of superglue and some duct tape.

Then we have to figure out how to go get the Cruiser because some moron (probably my brother, 'cause I can't be expected to take responsibility for all of my problems) couldn't figure out that all that was wrong with the Cruiser was a dead battery.

So, kid to friends house, 2 car seats in the Civic, trip to Sam's Club for a battery, battery change in the parking lot of the Mechanic's place and home.

So after dinner I tell the little guys to go get ready for a bath and when I walk into the bathroom, this is what I saw, a little kid so excited about a bath he is climbing in himself. 

Perfect end to a crappy day.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

The LandCruiser is Down! Is Blinker Fluid Really that Expensive?

In local automotive news, the Family Truckster LandCruiser failed to start yesterday.  What makes this especially rough is that Wife was on her way to the gym for the first time in about a week and a half because at least one of the little guys has had either a fever or a runny nose.  So this was her first chance to get some personal time.

So, in a effort to be supportive, I came home at lunch to see if maybe it was just out of gas (as I run it really low all of the time.) But adding gas did not seem to help.  Then I called my brother to come by later that night and help remove the starter to have it checked out.

Little Guy decided that he wanted to help, so I put him in charge of holding flashlights and handing me wrenches.  He did a pretty good job despite looking like a Cholo straight up from South Central.  I half expected him to tag the side of the Cruiser with some crazy Dora the Explorer graffiti. 

We finally got the starter out and the first place we took it, the guy just twisted the crank a couple of times and declared it broken.  Fortunately he didn't have one in stock or I probably would have bought it.  The next shop put in in their tester, and it fired up nicely with no problems, and since I recently changed the contacts, it kind of made sense that it was probably not a starter issue.

So as of this morning, we had the beast towed to the shop to see if we can get a read on what is really wrong with it.  Hopefully not a big deal, but the thing actually has a few problems that need to be taken care of, a couple of catastrophic Exxon Valdez oil spills oil leaks and a CV joint issue (except b/c it is full-time 4wheel drive, it doesn't really have a CV joint, but you get the idea.) 

Hopefully the shop that is looking at it now doesn't tell us that the muffler bearings and blinker fluid need to be replaced, that is the last thing I need to worry about right now, the first thing I need to worry about is lunch.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Private Jets and Hair-Cuts in Spain

So I know what you are thinking.  Brig is at it again, he is jet-setting to Europe on his private Gulfstreem G550, getting his hair cut by Angelo Rizza as he stops by Pamplona for a trim on his way to Prague for a 10 minute sit down with the Finance Ministry.

Well, not this time.  This week it was Wife that decided she had to get a hair cut for our annual family picture for the Christmas card, and none of the locals would do.  So, I happened to be working in my office at home yesterday and she came in at 11:45 with the news that she would be leaving at 12:30 for Houston to get her mane manicured at 4:00 by "the one" endowed with "The Gift."

I'm not saying this is a bad thing.  When we lived in Nebraska, she would take these mysterious trips to Houston to "See her mom" or "see her friend that is in town from Switzerland," but every time she came home, she had a new hairstyle.

I catch on fast.  It only took about 3 of those trips for me to figure out that she was flying to Houston a couple of times a year to get her haircut.  So is this normal?

Long story short, she took Little Guy and left me the twins and headed out on a 10 hour round trip in a monsoon to get her haircut.  What some people won't do for the perfect trim.  By the way, hair looks great!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thanksgiving Wrap-Up... Niagara Style Family Drama!

I wanted to blog the post-Thanksgiving wrap-up and add a few of the details that often make their rounds "in-the-family" gossip circles, but never see the light of day.  Here is the true story of Thanksgiving!

First, it is important that there be some drama to the weekend, otherwise you might as well just order a bucket of KFC and eat it alone in your bed, because drama is what makes us keep coming back together.

We expected something to happen, maybe our weary travelers seen here would blow a tire, maybe overheat half-way here, or maybe the FM sound thing on the in-head-rest DVD players would give out and we would never know if Fred Flintstone would finally lose his job crushing rocks. 

Sorry, no drama here, the travelers arrived in near record time despite leaving 5 hours late due to cute little niece/princess sleeping in from a cold the day before.

Maybe the pies wouldn't turn out despite our culinary experts making their own crusts, making crusts can be really hard to get it right. 

Not gonnna happen.  We had a complete airport landing strip full of delicious pies, and not that I know from experience but "people" tell me that each of them were delicious, again, not that I would know, because who would be crazy enough to have a piece of every pie that was brought to Thanksgiving? 

That is gluttonous, and if someone did try them all, I don't think we should think ill of him that particular person because they were probably just trying to be a good host Thanksgiving Day meal attendant.

Maybe there was a "too close to call" race car finish that created division among the family?  Some of us pulling for the orange car, and some for the green?  Nope. 

Everyone had a good time racing on the track, even if some of the cars kept getting mysteriously hijacked, thank goodness they had On-Star, or we might have never found them!

We almost made it the entire day without any serious drama despite trying to conjure up come controversy over dinner.  So in a heated discussion about sustainable organic turkey farming, I called my sister a Republican, but for some reason she pretended to be proud of that, go figure...  I guess she doesn't care about Hope and Change We can Believe In!

So in response to her opposition to hope and peace and cute fluffy kittens everywhere, one of the 4 dogs we had in the house for Thanksgiving jumped up on the back of the couch and peed on her just before everyone was slated to leave late Friday afternoon.  We got our drama!  And with exception of my sisters jeans and shirt, nobody was seriously injured!

Thanks Sis for taking one for the team!  We owe you!