Thursday, January 28, 2010

At Least They Appreciate Dental Hygeine... Hey, it's Something.

The last couple of weeks around bedtime, all I have had to do to get these two goofballs to come running into a trap their room to get on their PJs is just yell, "Let's Brush our Teeth" and they come runny like crazy. 

They especially like it when I pull out the foot-stool thing so they can wet their own tooth brushes. 

There is barely enough room on it for both of them, but so far they have been able to make it work without too many fights.

They actually do a pretty good job moving the brush around in their mouths, I'm not sure they are actually accomplishing anything, but I am all about form over substance anyway, kind of a throwback to my old tax consulting days (hey, it paid the bills, it's not like the payments I get from my mother-in-law for being married to her daughter are getting me any closer to a Porsche 911 GT3).

We'll see how long this scam works before I have to change it up, I am giving this another week before they don't care anymore.  Unless I can start using toothpaste, then I bet I can extend this for another 2 months, but I have to run that by the wife, she already freaked out when she caught me putting baking soda on their brushes, I thought that was supposed to be good?

Home Projects... The Bed. The Beast... The Experience.

Our bed has gone through quite a few transformations since I first built it. 

In fact my very second ever blog post was about the new bed and how excited I was to get a compound mitre saw with which to build it.

Then Wife had to have a fabric headboard inserted into it, no big deal except that then she wanted matching pillows that I then had to custom make. 

No big deal because she also let me get a Bernina 930 to do the sewing work.

This weekend though I finally got to get rid of the big flowers and make it look a little bit sleeker, a little bit more classy... 

Here's how it all went down.

This is the removal of the headboard, and then removal of all of the staples that I mistakenly used to hold it down, there were about a hundred staples.

I took the fabric off to expose the 1/4 inch plywood and 3/8 inch foam that gives the nice shape to the finished product.

I tried to remember how I got the foam to stick to the board, my guess is that I used wood glue, but I really can't remember.

I then draped the micro-fiber suede like material over it and started to work out the bumps and ripples.  Notice Wife's contribution to the project.  I like to call this "moral support."

This was harder than it looked as I didn't want to stretch the fabric and take the softness out of it, I still wanted it to feel luxurious and look natural.

I stretched the last fabric over it tightly, but it was a cotton fabric that I wanted to look really crisp, probably would not have worked this time around.

It was a chore getting this thing back up, but finally managed to do it. 

The only thing that went wrong here was one of my screws that I used to secure the board to the bed frame caught the fabric and pulled a thread.  It is hard to see here, but it looks like a run in a pair of nylons.

It is driving the Wife nuts, so I am going to have to take it back down and see if I can get the run out, otherwise I am going to have to start all over again. 

Worst case scenario I get to use this fabric for new pillows for the new living room couch.

Here is the finished product.  Well almost finished, now we just have to decide on new fabrics for the pillows.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iPad... iPod for the Blind... Now With Free Thumb Extenders!

What a disappointment.  I thought this would be something revolutionary.  I even went home for lunch to watch the live blogging online.

But all we get is the old person LARGE PRINT EDITION of the iPhone, without the phone.

Here is my problem with it, how can you play games on it that require swiping?  Unlike the iPhone that you can hold with your index fingers and swipe with your thumbs and touch the entire screen, you can't do this with the iPad.

How are you going to hold it?  I suggest putting velcro on your pants just above the knees and then adding velcro the back of the iPad.

Look for lots of attachments and cases that basically turn this back into a laptop.  In fact, look for them to be designed by me and for sale on Etsy next week.

Probably a good reader, but for the price of this thing, you are going to have to buy about 400 books to save any money by using this, and lets be honest, unless you are my wife, you probably can't read 400 books before this thing is obsolete, or Apple requires you to pay an upgrade fee to keep it running next year.

Blah blah blah blah eek blah. eh.


They should have added some soft rubber touch points to the back, I see a lot of people dropping this thing without them.  Do you think the Apple Logo is made of velcro?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bobby Flay Move Over... And I Make it Look Good.

Brig Cooking, its just like Martha Stewart or Bobby Flay, but without the jail time or goofy smiles.

This is not my creation, I ripped it off of a website that publishes PF Chang's recipes, so you know this is quality fake Chinese/ Chinese-American goodness. 

I would definitely give myself a 10 for taste, a 10 for plating, and a monster 0 for originality.

And I did want to note, for my mom, that I actually did eat all of the broccoli on my plate, but only after Wife reminded me that it was there.

My only issue here was the white rice.  Part of my diversity initiative is to eat more brown rice.

Adventures w/ Little Guy and Little Guy2

This past weekend was so good that I am probably going to be posting all this week about it, unless something else shakes things up.

On Saturday, Zane came up with his little guy and went for a hike with my Little Guy and me. 

We had a rough start trying to get them excited about walking through a drainage ditch, but as soon as they saw the "tunnels" they were really excited.

On the other side of the tunnels was the block wall that Little Guy and I played on last week. 

We decided to revisit it, but this time rather than climb around the sides to get to the top, Little Guy just went right up the front. 

I gave him some help on the first time up, but his second run I didn't touch him once.

***Teary Eyes***  I think this is the beginning of a long beautiful relationship. 

I love to climb, I really don't care what I'm looking at, if it is more than 15 feet tall I am always looking for a route to get to the top of it. 

Check out Little Guy's amazing footwork here.  This was pretty much all he had to work with for the 15-18 foot climb. 

It looks like a lot until you figure that those boots are not doing him any favors on this limestone, it is a little greasy and the soles are a little hard for this surface, something a little bit softer would be ideal.

Little Guy wasted no time figuring out how to get up this wall, and he was all smiles doing it. 

I thought he would get up about 1/2 way and then freak out, but he just kept running back down after topping out to do it again.

I was surprised that his forearms were able to hold out long enough for multiple climbs, his last climb got pretty sketchy and I could tell he was starting to burn out. 

Rather than let him take a fall an possibly ruin any possibility of  getting him to go again, I helped him top out the last run.

Zane's little guy gave me a pretty good scare.  I was keeping pretty close to him, and once he got to about the top of my reach, I told Zane to run up to the top really quick to help him top out.

Just then however, he took 2 really quick steps and the tips of my fingers were about 2 feet below his feet, all I could do is hope he could hang on, and if I had to I would catch him. 

He did hang on, in fact he made it to the top unassisted for the top half of the climb.

He appeared to have a great time, these guys are going to be a lot of fun in a few years when we can take them to climb some real rocks.

I wold say all in all, this was a spectacular day of climbing, even if I only got to spot the climbers.

Now am I thinking a little to far ahead to think that we could pitch the portaledge on this wall and spend the night?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Cute Kid Alert...!

I just wanted to throw in a quick update and show off the twins.  We had an awesome weekend including some building projects and adventures, as well as you will get to see some of my cooking prowess...  Stay tuned, this week is going to be good!

Zane took these pics this weekend, I thought they were really good, so I decided to share.  He was using his new birthday lens and Christmas flash to take these.

Twin #1 is just posing in his typical "why are you pointing that thing at me" stare.  he is not a camera hound, but is crazy cute nonetheless.

This is typical Twin #Glamor Shots.  This kid will jump in front of any camera in sight, even if you don't want him in the picture, he is going to be in it.

In this pic he was sporting double runny nostrils, he even makes that look cute.

Even Koa made a cameo in this picture, looking longingly into the distance.

Monday, January 18, 2010

And I'm Back... New Year of Adventures

So I am back. The rumors passed around by my mother-in-law were not true despite her long time wishes to "Trade-Up." Sorry Suzie B., I am here for the long haul.

This is going to be a most excellent year, I can already tell. I am expecting lots of adventures, mis-haps probably a broken bone or two, I might go sky-diving, Wife might get a few days away from the crazy to read books on a beach, Little Guy will probably hit his first baseball, and the Twins are going to get into all kinds of trouble. I hope you are as excited as I am.

Although we have already had some fun adventures in the New Year, I thought yesterday's adventure would be a good place to start the chronicles.

Little Guy and I went on a hike, not too far from the house, but wife wanted to make dinner and sneak in a little cat nap in peace, which is almost impossible with Little Guy around.

So we took off and hiked down the drainage ditch and through a tunnel and climbed a stone wall. Then we ran out of trail and blazed our own, we found some cactus and then jumped a fence. Then we saw tracks from deer and runners and dogs.

Then, we found a runner.

So this lady goes running by, and without notice, Little Guy takes off running yelling and laughing "I'm gonna beat you, look how fast I am!" And no joke, he beat her to the street about 150 yards down the trail. I regret not getting a better picture of 'The Great Race." But you can click on the pic and it will blow up in a separate window.

We saw the lady again when we turned the corner and she had turned around on her way back and she waved to Little Guy, he waved back and said, "Dad, she was pretty slow, I could beat her again."

Although we only hiked a couple of miles, we got to see all kinds of cool stuff. When we got home there was this awesome Olive/tomato, oil and Feta and chicken over pasta, and to top it off we went down to my brother's for birthday homemade cheesecake and strawberries.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

He's still here

Contrary to the rumors that my mom is floating around, Brig is alive.

And in a bit of investigative reporting, I found out Brig's take on the Bowl Game Bonanza. They were so uninspiring that he has nothing to say about them.

I thought he could at least give me a shout out for the tasty treats I made him for the Alabama - Texas match-up. But nothing. Can you hear the crickets? I can.