Thursday, July 22, 2010

PSP Emergency!

What do you do with a 4 year old in the afternoon while working from home when the wife is tired b/c she had to deal with one of the twins that has a 104 temperature and slept on dad's side of the bed all night while dad slept on the couch?

You go to the "super-secret drawer" and pull out the PSP, that's what. 

Then you make sure that you have a movie that the kid has never seen, but are pretty sure that doesn't have any really scary parts that will keep him entertained in the corner of your office for a couple of hours.

I happened to have the movie "Robots" which I haven't seen in a long time but kind of remember it being a decent flick.  He seems to be enjoying it, so it can't be that bad.

The big problem today is that the back of my PSP is broken. 

One of the plastic hinges broke, so I had to get all MacGyver on it and rubber-band it together.  That kind of covers the screen, so it is not the best solution.

What bugged me was that when I went to the Sony Store, they didn't even know who I could talk to about getting a new cover, then the guy tried to sell me a new PSP.  Seriously? Lay out another $300?  No.

Has this guy not heard of the recent recession?

The only people with money to take out of their pockets and through into a big fire are iPad owners.  Don't get me wrong, I think the iPad has given us a good look at what we are all going to be using in the future (except the ones we are going to use will actually run Flash, you know, that thing 97% of the internet uses.

If I am going to lay out that kind of cash, I am going to get a Dell Streak (Left), which I am very excited about.

I played with one of these a few days ago, and loved it.  I know I just got a new iPhone, but the Streak is awesome.  The 5" screen might feel big, but it still fits pretty easily in your pocket.

Smaller and smaller screens were great when all we cared about was voice and text, but the new generation of devices are all about media, information and video so we are really looking for the "biggest portable" screen, this might be it.

Anyway, as for the PSP, I think my next big move is going to be to hit Craigslist and see if anyone has an old broken one that will give me their back cover.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Walk in the Park

One of the best things about Texas is that the Government, every once in a while, and throws us a bone and/or a couple of acres of "green belt" for us to play with. 

And then every so often, we get an amazing sunset that makes us feel that the scraps of dirt allotted to us for our enjoyment have been noticed by the heavens.

Sunday, the day of rest, or in our house, the day of lots of rest really started to take shape after church.  The twins got settled into their beds for a nice afternoon nap, wife hunkered down, and I went out to the living room to see what I could do to get Little Guy to leave us alone for a couple of hours without his constant, 'I'm hungry," "I want a new show," "Blah, Whine, Whine, Blah Blah."

So, I decided that it was time to show the little guy how to operate the new TV setup.  We dumped cable and the DVR, and replaced it with a Dell Zino and Netflix.  It has its good and bad, the bad being we can't DVR the newest episodes of Top Gear, the good however is that we have unlimited use of old seasons of it.

So I loaded up the newest release on Netflix, season 11 and watched it with Little Guy, then thinking that it would be a great idea, showed him how, when that ended, he could just use the mouse to click "View Next Episode."

I wasn't sure that he figured it out until about 4 hours later when we finally heard Twin #1 jumping off of his bed. 

Holy cow, that was the best Sunday nap ever!

Long story short, we decided to go on a late walk and the sunset above is what we got to watch until we turned around to go home.

Monday, July 19, 2010

9 Holes and Out

It is sad to say, but this might have been the last round of golf that Little Guy and I play with Zane for a long time.  As most of you probably don't know, my brother Zane (husband of newly minted PhD. Docta' Jill, wicked smart but not a rapper - weird I know) is moving to Georgia to fulfill his lifelong fantasy of retracing the steps and career of his long time favorite band R.E.M., or something like that, I wasn't really paying attention. 

He mentioned something about Berry, and Bill Berry is the Drummer for REM, and REM formed in Georgia, and I think he has heard of REM, and they are an exceptional band, "Shiny Happy People" being one of the few glaring blemishes on their discography.

Actually Docta' Jill is going to be a Professa' at Berry College (my need to use ebonics whenever saying Docta' and Professa' aside, she will be teaching math stuff), and Zane is going to play catch-up and work on a PhD in something that is probably even more useless than what he does today, which is something, I don't know, again I am fuzzy on the details here.

On to the golf game.  It was HORRIBLE.  We somehow lucked out and picked the hottest day of the year so far to play, it was right at 100 degrees. 

Since the conditions under which WIFE lets me play golf include but are not limited to "TAKING A 4 YEAR OLD" and "WALKING THE COURSE", that made for a hot afternoon.  Thank goodness SOME of the water jugs on the course had water in them.

I had maybe 3 good drives, which is odd because 2 of those good ones were the only 2 times I pulled out my driver. 

My driver (Nike Sumo Sasquatch - Square) is generally only necessary when I get tired of looking at the same ball hole after hole and knowing that if I hit it with my driver, I will never have to see it again, because it will be so far buried in the trees to the right that it's not even worth looking for.

Zane played a pretty solid game, hit most of his fairways, but had to hack out of the sand a couple of times, which was, consequently, the only part of the course he was properly dressed for, I guess he knew he was going to be in the sand all day, so why not leave the soft cleats at home and just wear the flip flops.

Little Guy, when not trying to figure out how to carry his bag (on its maiden voyage to the course) was hitting 30-50 yards/stroke, sometimes in the right direction with his 7 iron. 

I felt bad because his clubs are clearly too short, but the next size up are clearly too long, so I think that I am going to have to get the longer ones anyway and cut them down and re-grip them.  That sounds like a lot of work, especially if he is going to make me carry his bag for half the course again.

Little guy did have the putt of the day though, a nice little 10 footer with some moderate break, and sank that like a BP oil rig (booo- low).

We did spend most of the afternoon sitting around waiting for the groups ahead of us to get moving.  Like the last time we played at Lyons Municipal, it was pretty slow.

Hopefully this is not the last time we get to play before Zane leaves, but if it is, it was fun while it lasted.