Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's All About Wife

I don't blog a lot about Wife, mostly because it is hard to catch her on camera, so I thought I would do a post exclusively about her.
All Smiles Wife
Wife has a great smile, but sometimes you have to catch her off guard by throwing pillows at her to get a picture of a really good spontaneous one (those are the best ones).

I happened to catch her one afternoon crashed out on the couch surfing the net on her iPod and being lazy, so I had to take advantage of the situation. 

I can't let her get used to any downtime, it breaks her concentration, and then the boys would just eat her alive, I have to keep her on her toes, which are also pretty cute as you can see in this photo as well.

Crafty Wife
I never thought that I married a crafty girl, but I have been mistaken.  Wife has been churning out the craftiness left and right lately. 

She claims to have made these cupcakes, and although I am skeptical, I will give her the benefit of the doubt and believe that she did in fact create these.

I don't know about you, but I didn't have the heart to even try to eat one of these, they look spectatular. Lucky for me, the boys had no such reservations and tore into them like animals.

That box of popcorn looking cupcake, is made with marshmallows, awesome.

Hasn't Divorced Me Yet Wife

Despite my shenanigans, wife has not had her attorney execute the divorce papers yet.

I thought that when she caught me prompting Twin #1 to kiss the goat at the zoo during our family vacation last month, I was done for.  Then when she caught me doing it again at the Pumpkin Patch this past Monday, I thought it was as good as a done deal.

However, all she asked was, "Why do you keep trying to get the boys to kiss goats, is there something wrong with you?"

Why yes, yes there is, thanks for noticing.

Birthday Wife

Wife had her birthday on Saturday, and it was a blast. 

While Wife was out picking out birthday cakes, Little Guy and I were blowing up balloons and decorating the house.  Well I was blowing up balloons and laughing at Little Guy as he tried to blow them up.

I'm not the best decorator, but I thought we captured the spirit of the birthday with this decor.  All of the essential elements were present.  Banner that said happy birthday, streamers, water balloons taped to the ceiling and a couple of birthday presents and a handmade birthday card.  Nailed it!

Wife decided on an ice cream cake, with real chocolate cake in it, it was pretty good, i would definitely do that again for her birthday.

Wife got a bracelet and some wooden letters that said HOME, you know, just in case she forgets. 

I tried to pawn the new camera lens and camera remote control on her, but she respectfully declined, so I think I am getting those for my birthday.

It was a really busy day, with soccer games, crazy boys, Jedi cloak production, light-saber battles and dinner at Texas Roadhouse, but this birthday party was definitely the best part of the day.

Happy 27th Birthday Wife!!!

Brig Takes New Job as Obi-Wan Kenobi's Tailor

Wife and I decided to get crafty this week, and what a better week to be crafty than the week of Halloween.

Earlier this week I was told that I would be making Jedi cloaks for Halloween costumes, because we have 3 little boys that are obsessed with Anikan and Luke Skywalker, and Obi Wan Kenobi.

Surprisingly, they are not as hard to make as you might imagine.  And they actually turned out pretty nice, I even found that I had enough fabric left to do hoods, which really did make these look legit.

We have a pretty strict light saber policy in the house, which basically means that there are no light-saber battles in the house, they have to be outdoors, and if you get hit with a light-saber, don't come crying to me because that is the price of admission.

Here you can see us breaking the rule momentarily as I checked out the fit of the cloaks before sending the kids out to the street.

So wife decided that Jedi's they would be, and even let them pick their own light-saber colors.

The twins both chose green, and Little Guy just wanted to be Obi-Wan, so after surfing many a Star Wars geek websites including , wife found out that Obi-Wan is a blue light-saber guy indicating that he is a figher/soldier, rather than a purple light-saber guy that would imply that he is a more well rounded fighter/intellectual Jedi.

Why do I tell you all of this?  Because apparently there is a lot of information about Star Wars on the internet.  Wife found out all kinds of un-interesting things about Jedi training and classifications, and then thought that I would care, and recited all of her new found knowledge to me.

Since wife didn't want to send the toy lightsabers to school with the boys, she saved up some paper towel rolls and painted them, so no big deal when they break/lose them.  These 3 paper towel rolls represent about 1 1/2 days worth of paper towels in our house.  Before I got married, I think I used the same roll I bought in college, up until 30 seconds after she said, "I do."  I am still a little fuzzy on the details of our wedding day, but I'm pretty sure that the "I do" was in response to the question "do you promise to squander all of Brig's hard earned cash on paper towels, using no fewer than 3/4 of a roll per day, till death do you part?"

She did a really nice job on the paint as she took care to ensure that each one had a nice hilt, as well as a power button.

While wife was painting, I started thinking about my favorite suit and decided that I had suffered long enough with the crappy tailoring job on the pant cuffs.

I decided to fix the problem.  Normally I wouldn't attempt the tailoring job on a suit this expensive, but the moron that measured me decided to be a real sweetheart and give me a self-esteem boost by pretending I am an inch and a half taller than I really am, and then thought that he would redefine what perfect cuffs were and only make them 1 inch cuffs, rather than 1 5/8" cuffs.  As Little Guy would say, "That guy is an idiot". 

So, I un-picked the cuffs, ironed them out, and re-cut them, and put in perfect cuffs with a near perfect front break (I say near perfect because I probably should have cut the front up 3/4" shorter than the back, rather than just 1/2" as I prefer a more open break, but the below is still acceptable).

Now I would like to pretend it was that easy, but I always forget the order of operations for doing cuffs, so this 20 minute job took me well over an hour.

Fortunately, I only had to re-do one of the cuffs after thinking that I got it right the first time, but when I discovered that it was still over an inch too long, it was back to the cutting board.

It was then I remembered that you just find your back length, mark, add 1 5/8" to it, fold under, press, stitch around, then fold up, stitch in the side seam, press and then look like a million dollars, which is defined by having a perfectly straight back crease with no break, and a slight break in the front on top of the shoe which shows just a little bit of sock as you stroll down Wall St.

I can't tell you how much better I feel.

Now I just need to put a nice shine on those loafers, slip into a nice 140's 2 ply dress shirt (which until recently, I mistakenly believed that you could wear in almost any color or pattern and still be classy) and then slam 3 Red Bulls and stay up until 5am doing a pricing analysis on the upcoming (and impending financial and political disaster) General Motors IPO.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Football Wednesdayish - Double Feature

Week 6 and 7 were pretty crazy, Alabama out, Ohio State in, Ohio State out, Oregon in?

If that sounds like a joke to you too, then you are in sane company.  The Brig Poll promoted LSU to # 1, then immediately demoted them and promoted Auburn.

I like Auburn, they are putting together a pretty nice little string of wins.

For some reason, I am even liking Oklahoma, despite my lifelong goal to never like them.  I tried to reprogram my poll to eliminate them from my top 25, but the only way I am going to get rid of them is to have them become an FCS school.  The numbers do not lie starting in Week 6, I think this is why the BCS starts its poll about now, the turf has seen enough action to start making sense of the season.

And now that the BCS is putting out its Poll, the poll manipulations really begin.The voters are going to have to work overtime to demote the schools that the computers like that don't make for big championship games.

Let the gamesmanship begin.

Week 6 Brig Poll

Week 7 Brig Poll

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Football Wednesday - Week 5 - Live Non-Coverage from Galveston TX

College football week 5 heated up with a lot of great match-ups. I didn't get to see any of them, as I was busy being buried with sand and tar balls on the beach at the Gulf of Mexico.

The only game I got to see from the San Luis Resort in Galveston TX was the Utah State beat-down of BYU on Friday night, and we turned that off before it was over, as it appeared that BYU decided not to show up for the game.

As I predicted last week, Texas dropped to Oklahoma, deepening their slide into mediocrity and to the middle of the Big 12.  There is no positive outlook for the Horns for the rest of the season.

Alabama looked really good against Florida, but the Florida offense was a huge disappointment, which is more of a credit to Alabama's defense, at least according to the people that actually got to watch the highlights and see the end score before voting the Tide #1 again this week.

Ohio State's schedule continues to disappoint, as they get no love from my SOS calculator.

And in BCS busting news, TCU moves up as Boise State starts it's slide as Oregon beats a ranked Stanford and Virginia Tech and Oregon State fall out of the Top 25. .

On a good note, Andy Staples at this week at least mentioned the fact that early season rankings are partially meaningless and agreed that teams should be shuffled around each week depending on how they perform on the field. 

Now, the Week 5 Brig Poll: