Thursday, May 05, 2011

P90X - Road to Recovery - Days 3 and 4

Holy cow, 4 days in a row.  Although tonight was the 90 minute YogaX, I completed a mere 40 minutes of it, so basically I did YogaJ1/2 (seriously do the math).  Yoga hurts.

So many of you are wondering how it got this bad.  Well, it is a long story that can be summed up in this one picture.

Now, lest you think that I have just let myself go without a thought or care, I did put a lot of thought and care into letting myself go.

But I'm not crazy, and as you can see in the picture, I only let Round Rock Donuts put chocolate frosting on half of my donut, I'm not crazy after all.

I'd also love to say that I am overworked, but although my job is pretty hectic during normal working hours, until the last few weeks I haven't really put in all that much "overtime".  Not that I miss working 80 hr weeks, but I do kind of miss it, at least it gave me an excuse to charge the firm for my way overpriced dinner every night and it was a great excuse to not work out.

Also, since I stopped climbing really hard free climbing stuff and started working on just really technical aid climbing stuff, I figured it didn't really matter what I weighed, until I popped one of the key hooking flakes on a bolt ladder on Meadow Muffin (5.12a) in Rock Canyon Provo UT, now that climb is really hard.

No such excuses anymore, I am going to get back into shape one way or another, and although I may not go back to climbing hard free routes, I should be able to rock my aiders up just about anything.  Thin cracks at Enchanted Rock this summer anyone?

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

P90X - Road to Recovery - Days 1 and 2

I just finished day 2 of P90X for about the 7th time.  I made it 45 days the first time I tried it, but since then it has been like 3 weeks max.  This time I am going to attempt a 60 day run...  No excuses.

So that is about all of the optimism I can garner for 1 day.  60 days is a long time, especially since I haven't made the commitment to work out in the mornings, which is really the only time that there are no other demands on my time. 

Wife is a huge fan of morning sleep, so unless I wake her, she could care less what I do before 7, as long as she doesn't have to be involved.

My best run of workouts was about 10 years ago when I used to meet my dad at the gym at 4:45  IN THE AM!!!  Yes you read that right, every morning, the very very early morning.  He would swim, and I would either run on the treadmill or hit the weights.

My next good workout was in my good old Bentonville Arkansas days.  My good friend Ard Hoyt (as well as one of my heroes) and I would meet up at 5:15am to run our 3 miles Monday through Thursday, then on Friday we would play tennis as a reward for our good efforts, that lasted about a year until the wife of 1 year decided that after a year of living in separate states, we should high tail it to Nebraska and live like normal married people.

And just because I can, I am going to plug Ard's illustration work.  If you haven't heard of Ard, your childrens' book collection is wholly incomplete.  You can find a bookshelf of his work here.  His new book to be released in September is Tilly the Trickster, written by Molly Shannon, yes, that Molly Shannon from SNL.  He also illustrated I'm a Manatee, written by John Lithgow, yep, that guy from 3rd Rock From the Sun.

My last great effort was last year in preparation for Mt. Whitney.  I do ok when I have a big trip coming up that I need to get into shape for, but this year I am probably going to miss the great adventure due to the subject of another blog post soon to come [leave it hanging and build excitement], so I needed another motivation, one that will stand the test of time.

So my big motivation this time around came from an Easter Egg hunt a couple of weeks ago when I decided that in order to keep up with the kiddos, I will need to get into perpetually good shape.  I can keep up with them now,but that time is coming to an end if I don't do something soon. 

What really got me thought was that I still managed to pull off four black-flips in a row on the trampoline at the Easter egg hunt, but they were probably really ugly, as I'm sure it was the sheer horror of seeing an overweight guy doing back-flips that was mesmerizing the onlookers, not the grace with which I executed them.