Monday, April 23, 2012

Project Nighty-Night

This has been a busy month for building projects.  With a new baby (boy) on the way, Wife and I decided that we needed to move some people around and update the look of the house a little bit, but I am not a huge fan of spending thousands of dollars of hard earned $$$$  Moolah to do it.

Ill gotten gains are another issue, I am fine wasting those $$$$s on furniture and vacations, I'd like to send out a big thank you to Citi Group (C- NYSE) and Joez Jeans (JOEZ- NasdaqCM) for our Disney World vacation and living room couch respectively.  However I would like to send out a big thumbs down to Biosign Technologies (BITKF- OTC Markets) for losing 90% of the cash in my slush fund account, sorry kids, no vacation for you this year. 
My 300% run up on my 20,000 shares of Medical Alarm Concepts Holding, Inc. (MDHI.OB--OTC BB) didn't do me any favors as I bought each share for $0.0025, so the $200 I made on that was pretty paltry.  I bought it as a joke to humor my boss that often comes along with some hair-brained stock idea, so his eyes got pretty wide when I told him I just picked up 20k shares, [for $50], I think my transaction fees cost me more than the stock.

So, being that I don't sleep on commercially made beds, I decided that the first issue to tackle would be new beds for everyone.

Little Guy was my first victim.  We decided to put him in what was our guest room, but leave him on the queen bed.  Not that he is getting to big for a twin, but he probably would outgrow it in 6 months or so anyway.Picture above is post assembly, but pre-paint.

Wife found a cool website called that shows how to make lots of Pottery Barn furniture on the cheap.  All of our new beds are from the Farmhouse collection.  The instructions are super easy to navigate, and the shopping lists and cut lists are nice (though I would recommend reading all of the comments before starting to find the 1 or two options/problems in the plans).  
This bed went together really easy, even though I had to pretend to be living in Amish Country and use an actual hammer to hit nails, and a paint brush to apply paint, even though in the real world people use nail guns, paint sprayers and air compressors to do all of the hard work.
So I threw on knee pads and got to hammering. 

Outcome- Success, bed is black and assembled and slept on.

Next it was on the the Twins Twin beds ( I thought worst case scenario, it would sound really cool).  I bought all of the wood for two and assembled them together.  This took no time at all, especially since I whined a lot about how my knees were killing me and a nice air compressor would do wonders for my health and speed.  

Outcome- Success, Wife agreed to the air compressor and nail gun. Oh, and the twins got new beds too.

Wife's bed.  This was trickier,  because I wanted to do this as a surprise.  Wife happened to be out of town for a few days, so I worked from home and entertained the kids when they weren't at school or playing at friends' houses.  

Well, wife came back a day earlier than expected, so I didn't quite get it done, but her's is the same Farmhouse bed, but it is an off-white/cream color. Picture to come.

Outcome:  Success, wife is happy, and that is always a success.

Pottery Barn wanted $5,990 for these four beds (including shipping and tax), I clocked in right around $560, and that included the air compressor and nail gun.