Monday, July 09, 2012

New Baby Balboa

New Baby Balboa showed up today, and he was a whopper.  Not literally the delicious sandwich from Burger King, but the same basic effect.  So here is how it went down.

Lady during her pre-game pep-talk @ 12:41pm.  I'm now sure what the nurses thought of my pep-talk, but it was all the good stuff you might hear at half-time of the Rose Bowl.  "Keep Your Head in the Game!"  "Don't, I said Don't...  Drop the Ball."  "Push like you mean it, no sissy pushes."  Then I just gave her a classic "good game" and she was good to go.
This picture is literally a sum total of all the work, no joke, she only had to do this face scrunch thing like 3 times @1:00pm.  This is where coaching really makes a difference.  I was all like, "hey, he's almost here", and"holy cow, he is getting close" and "just a little bit more, and he's gonna be really really really close."  Then bam...  literally seconds after one of my 36 classic morale boosters, BAM...  kid is out.

And then @ 1:22pm, this 6 week old looking kid (8 pounds, 15 ounces) is all cleaned up and wife, having not even broken a sweat,  is looking like she is ready to hit some Enoteca downtown in the fancy clothes, followed by some dancing and a late night run to Gourdoughs.

For those of you looking for pictures: